Why take the Risk of Termites?

A Termite Inspection Report is an inexpensive precaution.

Discovering termites or other pests after moving into your new home would be disconcerting. It could also be very costly to remedy. Why take the risk? A Pest & Termite Inspection Report is an inexpensive precaution. It’s important to know that home insurance generally doesn’t cover Termite damage.

Our Termite Inspection Perth exhaustive report covers the following areas as defined by AS 4349.3 within 30 metres of the building and within the site boundaries including fences.  We check for termitesas well as borersand signs of rot or fungal decay. All visible areas are examined thoroughly by our dedicated trained inspectors for signs of damage or potential danger.


  • Check for plumbing leaks as the resulting dampness attracts termites
  • Mould areas in bathrooms, kitchens and laundries are another attraction for termites
  • Make sure overflows from plumbing are directed well away from the premises
  • All timber tested for hollowness and signs of damage
  • Storage of timber, garden  debris and household items in close proximity to home which may offer easy access to termites
  • Any appliances releasing water alongside the building
  • Build-up of soil, garden beds and plantings where seepage and prevention of airflow may enable access to termites
  • Checks of fences, trees for signs of infestation or potential ease of access for termites. Check of outbuildings.
Roof Void
  • Inadequate ventilation or high moisture readings
  • Any evidence of roof leaks, plumbing or pipe leaks or drainage concerns
  • Evidence of activity to roofing materials
  • Ventilation in sub floor areas, air flow obstructions
  • Signs of leaks from bathrooms, kitchens laundries and any other wet areas as these can encourage termite activity.
  • Discarded timber building materials stored under the house making for easy access for termites.
  • Poor drainage, signs of decay, blocked weepholes


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