Don’t buy at auction without an inspection report!

Buying a property at auction without careful consideration can be a costly and draining exercise. Damage discovered after you have made the winning bid becomes your problem. There may be no recourse and your home insurance won’t cover existing damage.

With no guarantees that you will be successful in your attempts to purchase at auction you may be tempted to forgo building and pest inspections rather than face the prospect of purchasing multiple property condition reports before making a successful purchase. This can be a very costly mistake to make.

We make multiple pre-auction reports more affordable

House Inspections Perth recognises your dilemma and aims to make the process more affordable. If you purchase a report and miss out on the property at auction, we’ll prepare inspection reports on anysubsequent property at half price.

Time constraints? Don’t panic!

Don’t worry if you find the perfect home just days before it is due for auction – the House Inspections Perth team can usually swing into action and complete your pre-auction report at short notice.

We are independent and not affiliated with any real estate agent or company, so it’s only your interests we have at heart during property inspections.

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