Four good reasons to use our inspection services while building a new home


Ensures appropriate standards are met during construction


We have the expertise to identify issues you might not notice


It lets the builder know you plan to be diligent and should keep them on their toes

Detailed Report

We’ll provide a detailed report outlining matters that require remedy

Don’t have your own building nightmare – Get detailed new home inspections in Perth

You may have watched countless current affairs programs detailing harrowing tales of disputes involving builders. The whole building process can be fraught with frustration, delays and cost blow outs. A particularly common area of frustration is arranging for builders or their trade contractors to repair or remedy faults found at or after the hand-over. You can avoid all these troubles, thanks to our thorough new construction inspections for Perth properties.

Progress stage inspections for homes under construction

Shoddy workmanship on a new home may not be something the layperson can see as the work progresses but it can cause huge problems after completion. Arranging for an independent qualified inspector to undertake progress stage and new construction inspections can be an excellent safeguard. It’s also a great way to ensure that the builder and site supervisor are aware from the beginning that you intend to be quality conscious and diligent. New home inspections can be carried out at any time but the following examples are recommended:

  • Slab inspection Ensure heights are correct, slab is level and plumbing and electrical is correct. Since the slab is the beginning of the building process it is now you want this right.
  • Brickwork inspection At this stage we check walls are plumb and level and rooms are square etc. We also ensure hold downs have been installed properly, doors are hinged the correct way and levels are exact
  • Roof frame inspection This check ensures all tie downs required have been properly installed
  • Pre handover inspection Even though supervisors can do up to 3 or 4 of these a week, sometimes they may be done hurriedly and defects may be missed. Our new construction inspections are available to all Perth clients and help avoid possible delays by highlighting items which need fixing. This inspection is critical. Whilst most builders are reliable and would never intentionally set out to pull the wool over your eyes, sometimes it may come down to a supervisor. An independent inspection checks that everything has been finished to trade quality. A hard to see fall in tile to floor waste is an example of a little thing that can be very expensive to remedy if it is not noticed until you move in.

We also inspect newly build constructions

If you are past the stage where progress inspections are possible then make sure you have a pre-handover or new home inspection completed prior to the final payment. It’s not uncommon for new home owners to only become aware of issues after moving into the home. Thanks to our new construction inspections the chances of having faults repaired after payment and handover may decline.

During new home inspections, our inspector will detail any identified issues and point out what is required to remedy the situation. You’ll be provided with a written report for the builder.

If you want to ensure your new home is as perfect as it can be when you move in, call us to book your new home inspections for Perth buildings.

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