Need a pest or building inspection done fast?

At House Inspections Perth we understand your need for access to fast, accurate information regarding the suitability and soundness of a proposed property purchase. The attachment you can suddenly feel towardahome choice can grow rapidly when you begin dreaming and planning your future there.Dreams can be quickly dashed if potentially costly problems are uncovered. The sooner information about the true condition of the property is at hand the sooner you can make decisions about the suitability of the property for your needs.


Our inspectors can usually be done the very next day to carry out your building and pest inspections. We can arrange to meet the agent at the property if you wish. We will contact you on completion with a verbal report on the findings and follow up with a written detailed report for your records.

You can be assured our professional inspectors will work diligently to record all relevant information regarding the condition of all aspects covered in our reports so your purchase decision will be an informed one. Call us today to arrange your inspection.


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