Q:    I need my inspection reports fast, can you help?

  • A:     We can provide next day service in most areas. If this is not possible we can get to you as quickly as possible and provide a verbal report prior to sending through the written assessment.


Q:How much will your service cost?

  • A:You may be surprised at how little our Pest and Building Reports are.

From as little as $____ we can provide Timber Pest Inspections

Building Inspections range from $_______


Q:    I don’t have time to get to the property. What can I do?

  • A:Don’t worry if you cannot find time to meet at the property. We can arrange access with the real estate agent or vendor and contact you as soon as our inspections are complete. Most vendors are only too happy to oblige since they know it can help finalise their sale.


Q:    I would like to be present during the Inspection, is that possible?

  • A:     Whilst it is not necessary to be present during a building or pest inspection you are most welcome to attend. We will liaise with the agent or vendor to gain permission. Please keep in mind our Inspector has a very detailed analysis and in depth reporting process to cover and as such discussions about findings are best left until the inspection has been completed. We will be only too happy to then discuss our findings and recommendations. Remember our advice does not stop there, we are available to provide ongoing advice on any concerns and support for LIFE.


Q:    I don’t need a pest report do I? I am buying brick construction house on a concrete slab!

  • A:     Sadly this misconception is common. The fact of the matter is, termites and other pests such as wood borers are very clever creatures and the smallest of gaps can give them access to your home. This may occur in drainage pipe connections or in damaged mortar, through the eaves or any ventilation areas into your home. Don’t fall into the trap of thinking you will save a couple of hundred dollars by skipping a pest inspection because of this type of dwelling and construction.


Q:    I am building a home, so I don’t need this service do I?

  • A:     Infact the opposite is true. Our New Building Inspections could save you much time and expense especially if we discover best building practices are not being observed. We can provide invaluable advice in helping you make decisions and bring matters to the attention of your builder accompanied by digital images of problems. This puts you back in control and not at the mercy of unscrupulous builders.


Q:    How soon do I have to arrange my inspections?

  • A:     The sooner you arrange your Pre Purchase Building & Pest Inspections the better. You may be able to arrange inspections prior to making an offer on a property however a common practice is for offers to be made “subject to” or conditional upon satisfactory inspection results. Your property lawyer or conveyancer should be able to advise you on the appropriate wording for such offers. If you have made an offer without inspection conditions in place, speak to your conveyancer or lawyer about your options.


Q:    What do I do if major defects are identified during your inspections?

  • A:     Speak to your conveyancer or property lawyer to discuss your options. You might have the option of not proceeding with the purchase, of re-negotiating the price, asking the vendor to make repairs, or proceeding with the purchase regardless.


Q:    What options do I have for payment?

  • A:     We have options for payment via Visa &Mastercard as well as Paypal for your convenience or you can just pay our inspector on inspection day.


Q:    Do you have appropriate insurance?

  • A:     We most certainly do. We hold both Indemnity & Public Liability Insurance.

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