Considering just a building inspection and hoping it will also uncover potential pest problems is not wise. Yes, sometimes a problem can be unearthed this way but it is by no means a fool proof method. The best course of action is to undertake both a Building Inspection and a Pest Inspection. This service offers the ultimate in problem detection and the most intense exploration and reporting. Our reports will highlight potential areas of concern as well as offering advice on how best to tackle any remedy needed. In addition we offer ongoing support concerning any problem areas for life. This means you can ring us anytime in the future and receive advice on the best course of action for any problems identified in the report. That’s great peace of mind for you as a home owner.

Areas covered by the inspections and reports are carried out as per AS 4349


Building Inspection

Building Interior
  • Evidence of cracking and straightness of walls.Indication of flooring dampness – signs of movement, rot or decay
  • Kitchens, bathrooms, laundries and any other wet areas for signs of moisture damage, water retention, leaks, damage to tiles, , visible sign of plumbing or pipe concerns, integrity of  waterproofing,water damage to storage cupboards, evidence of mould, inspection of fixtures
  • Signs of water penetration or leaks to ceilings
  • Fitting, closure, air tightness of doors & windows
Building Subfloor
  • Are any hazardous materials stored, check on pest capping, piers, stumps, other dampness problems, adequacy of ventilation,
Roof Cavity
  • Structural integrity of roof cavity, evidence of water leakage, insulation material, damaged electrical wiring issues, protection of down lights, infestation of rats, mice etc
Roofing materials
  • Damage to tiles or breakage, condition of ridges & valleys, roofing secured correctly, guttering, downpipes, flashings, box gutters, secureness of chimneys & flue structures
Home exterior
  • Check if wallsare straight, if there are signs of wear or damage, sign of damp. Inspect balconies and verandas decks and patios, for compliance with safety regulations and soundness, including rails, balustrades. Inspection of Hot water system, installation of safety switches. Check for rotting timbers around posts, windows and doors,
Home site & surrounds
  • Problems with drainage of site including signs of water retention, rising damp, under floor etc., Any concerns with fencing and pathways. State of driveways and any steps or retaining walls. Checks of any outbuildings including waterproof conditions.

Pest Inspection

  • Plumbing leaks as the resulting dampness attracts termites
  • Mould areas inkitchens, laundries and bathrooms.Ensure plumbing overflows are directed well away from the premises
  • Signs of hollowness and signs or damage to any timbers
  • Garden  debris or household items in close proximity to home or  any timber stored incorrectly, which may offer easy access to termites
  • Water releasefrom home appliances alongside the building
  • Build-up of garden beds, plantings or soil next to building,  or where seepage and lack of airflow may enable termite access
  • Inspection of trees and fences for infestation signs or possible access for termite issues. Check of outbuildings.
Roof Void
  • Poor ventilation or readings of high moisture levels
  • Roof leak evidence and drainage problems caused by, plumbing or pipe leaks
  • Pest activity signs in  roofing materials
  • Sub floor ventilation checks, obstructions to air flow

Bathrooms, kitchens and laundry checks for signs of leakageas well as any other wet areas where termite activity may be encouraged.

Discarded timber building materials stored under the house making for easy access for termites.

  • Signs of decay, poor drainage or blocked weepholes
Timber Pest Inspection
Building Exterior:
  • Evidence on the property’s fences and trees for signs of nests
Building Subfloor
  • Signs of decay from borer or termites in sub floor
Roof Cavity
  • Indications of damage, decay from borer or termites
Building Interior
  • Timber examination including doors, windows, floorboards, skirting boards as well as any cladding inside and out

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